Western Union Money Transfer locations in region Cherkasy of Ukraine

In region Cherkasy of UA WU has a network of money transfer agents with over 102 locations in 11 settlements of 1 raion

In Ukraine, Western Union (WU) is working since 1993.

Western Union's rates are updated regularly in line with global markets and based on interbank rates. Rule the Western Union has always been to conduct business in accordance with applicable law and regulations. Normally the payee can receive the money in a few minutes at a Western Union agent in the payee country. MoneyGram offers the same level of service Western Union at lower tariffs.

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This table shows the raion of Cherkaska, (UA) with Western Union Money Transfer locations.
Raion of Cherkasy the region, (UA) with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of

One of the most popular money transfer players, rightly, considered the Western Union. As soon as you transfer money to oversee to your family, friends and also gifts to you associates and relatives you use western union. Western union is the quick and fastest way to transfer money. You send money to you family then you use western union this company send money in few seconds. It is the safe way to transfer money to foreign country. Western Union agents may be found wherever you need them: - at banks, postal offices, pharmacies, stores, airports, train stations and other locations. The criteria to start a money transfer agency varies by state. Popular money-transferring agencies include PayPal and Western Union. Western Union - a convenient way to transfer money to their friends and family members who live in another country.

Western Union Co (WU) Financial statistic

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Change Percent: YTD -0.4208311415 %

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Market Capitalization: 8 466 442 500