Western Union Money Transfer locations in county Mehedinţi of Romania

In county Mehedinţi of RO WU has a network of money transfer agents with over 31 locations in 5 settlements of 1 commune

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Western Union lets you see the latest exchange rates on its website, and you can also check the most up-to-date rates by visiting a Western Union location or by speaking to a company representative over the phone. With Western Union you can send funds via: online website, at a location, through online banking and mobile. Easy money transfer with credit card. Try it now and make a transfer! Western Union is a quick and reliable way to send or receive money in worldwide locations such as supermarkets, check cashers, and convenience stores.

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This table shows the commune of Mehedinti, (RO) with Western Union Money Transfer locations.
Commune of Mehedinţi the county, (RO) with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of

Based in Englewood, Colorado, Western Union boasts more than 500,000 agent locations around the world, more than 70,000 of which are in North America. Among the payment systems created by non-residents in 2016 became leader Western Union. Western Union strives to provide relevant, accessible services to all of our customers, no matter where they are located. Every money transfer "Western Union" is protected by reliable security system that guarantees the receipt of money specified in the transfer face. Money transfer is accompanied by a reference number. You could easily send money through the new "Western Union" menu in the internet banking platform of CCB.

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