Western Union Money Transfer locations in region Gandakī of Nepal

In region Gandakī of NP WU has a network of money transfer agents with over 7 locations in 6 settlements of 5 district

You can send money directly to a recipients bank account or the recipient can pick up money by visiting a Western Union location. Western Union's main advantage is it's large network of commissioned agents. Western Union exchange rates depend on the country you are sending money to and whether you choose to send money online or via one of their agents at a location. Western Union's rates are updated regularly in line with global markets and based on interbank rates. With Western Union you can send funds via: online website, at a location, through online banking and mobile.

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This table shows the district of Gandaki, (NP) with Western Union Money Transfer locations.
District of Gandakī the region, (NP) with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of

In the U.S., Western Union or MoneyGram services are available in many pharmacies and supermarkets as well as small local businesses. Western union is a best and fast method to transfer money to out of the country. Western union provides many helps in transport funds in a foreign country. The fee for a money transfer via Western Union charged only with remittance sender. Normally the payee can receive the money in a few minutes at a Western Union agent in the payee country.

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