Western Union Money Transfer Locations in state Oaxaca of Mexico

In state Oaxaca of MX WU has a network of money transfer agents with over 1 locations in 1 locality of 1 municipality

Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. A Western Union money order is similar to a bank's online wire transfer, except you are able to send it to us from any Western Union location. Approximately 60% of Western Union clients are migrants. The fee for a money transfer via Western Union charged only with remittance sender. One of the most popular money transfer players, rightly, considered the Western Union.

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This table shows the municipality of Thesprotia, (MX) with Western Union Money Transfer locations.
Municipality of Oaxaca the state, (MX) with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of

You can send money directly to a recipients bank account or the recipient can pick up money by visiting a Western Union location. Many people select Western Union for their money transfer needs, due primarily to the company's name recognition and trusted histor. To send money directly to a bank account via Western Union, consumers simply need the recipient's full name, the name of the recipient's bank and the recipient's bank account number. Western Union location means that where it is located. Western union has many agents in all over the globe. Need to send money in a rush? We've partnered with Western Union Money Transfer service to offer you a fast and reliable transfer service.

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