Western Union Money Transfer locations in regioi Zala of Hungary

In regioi Zala of HU WU has a network of money transfer agents with over 10 locations in 4 settlements of 1 kisterseg

When accessing the services of the company must be remembered that the Western Union money transfers can not be used for commercial purposes. Every money transfer "Western Union" is protected by reliable security system that guarantees the receipt of money specified in the transfer face. Money transfer is accompanied by a reference number. A Western Union money order is similar to a bank's online wire transfer, except you are able to send it to us from any Western Union location. Western Union is pleased to strengthen this mutually productive and beneficial relationship with the inclusion of electronic banking channels that are customer-centric and technologically advanced. MoneyGram being one of the main rivals of Western Union operates in over 170 countries through more than 75,000 outlets.

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This table shows the kisterseg of 8900, (HU) with Western Union Money Transfer locations.
Kisterseg of Zala the regioi, (HU) with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of

Western Union is known to be the leading service for international money transfer where there is need to transfer money overseas in cash or without involvement of a bank. Western Union Money Transfer service lets you send and receive money with your smartphone or tablet. You can even send money internationally. Western Union advantages are its reliability, speed and convenience. You be able to transmit money in a lot of countries by using the western union in quick approach.

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