Western Union Money Transfer locations in county Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In county Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina of BA WU has a network of money transfer agents with over 123 locations in 38 settlements of 10 commune

Western Union is pleased to strengthen this mutually productive and beneficial relationship with the inclusion of electronic banking channels that are customer-centric and technologically advanced. The money transfer system Western Union has passed many stages of improvements that made Western Union a leader among money transfer systems. Based in Englewood, Colorado, Western Union boasts more than 500,000 agent locations around the world, more than 70,000 of which are in North America. Western Union location means that where it is located. Western union has many agents in all over the globe. One of the most popular money transfer players, rightly, considered the Western Union.

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This table shows the commune of 75290, (BA) with Western Union Money Transfer locations.
Commune of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina the county, (BA) with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of
Bosnian Podrinje Canton21
Hercegovački kanton11
Herzegovina-Neretva Canton32
Posavina Canton32
Sarajevo Canton505
Srednjebosanski kanton86
Tuzla Canton197
Una-Sana Canton146
West Herzegovina Canton82
Zenica-Doboj Canton156

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