Customer Info Tab

February 26, 2018

Customer Info Tab

Choose this option to enter an adjustment.

To access the Customer Info tab

  1. From the Additional Services tab, click the button or press the Alt-U keys.
    The Customer Info tab appears.

Customer Info tab

This tab is used to record the Compliance Information; for some transactions or amounts a valid identification is required.

In addition, this information is recorded (GEN III) in order to speed up the payment or sending process.

The way Gen III works:

The operator will enter the ID number and ID Type in the compliance template and let the system retrieve for the ID, based on the number, type and the name of the sender/receiver entered in the Money Transfer screen.  If the ID is already in the system and passes validation the rest of the compliance template will be populated; if not the operator will have to manually fill in the compliance information and a new record with the ID will be created for future transactions.