Country Information

February 26, 2018

Country Information

To access country information from the Tools/Admin Menu

  1. From the Main Menu, click on the Tools (F4) button or press the F4 key.
    Tools (F4) button

The Tools/Admin Menu 1 of 2 appears.

  1. From the Tools/Admin Menu 1 of 2 screen click on the Country information button button or press the F7 key.

The Country list appears with a list of countries to select from.  The list is sorted by the top 5 countries for the Agent location, followed by an alphabetical listing of the remainder of the countries.

Note: You can scroll through the list using the scroll bar on the right side of the list, or by pressing the Page Up and Page Down keys.  You can also type the name of the country in the Country field.  The country selection list then scrolls down to the nearest match.

  1. Highlight a country to select it from the Country list.
    The country information displays in the box below the Country list.

Country list

  1. Click on the OK (Enter) button or press the Enter key to return to the Tools/Admin 1 of 2 menu.