Agent Referral

February 26, 2018

Agent Referral

The Agent Referral option allows you to look up Western Union Locations around the globe.

To find an Agent through the Western Union ® Translink ™ application

  1. From the Main Menu, click on the Tools (F4) button or press the F4 key.

Tools (F4) button

The Tools / Admin Menu 1 of 2 screen appears.

  1. From the Tools/Admin Menu 1 of 2, click on the Tools/Admin Menu 2 of 2 (Alt-2) button or press the Alt-2 keys.

Tools/Admin Menu 2 of 2 (Alt-2) button

  1. From the Tools/Admin Menu 2 of 2, click on the Agent Referral (F10) button or press the F10 key.

Agent Referral (F10) button

The Agency Referral screen displays:

The Agency Referral screen displays

  1. Complete the following information:

  • Select either Domestic or International.

  • Fill in either Area Code / Exchange or City and State.

  • If necessary, make appropriate selections under Business Hours and Services Offered.

  • Click the Submit button to locate the Agent.
    The search results appear below the Agency Referral dialog box.

Agency Referral dialog box

Notes: To print the results, click the Print button.

To cancel the search, click on the Cancel button. To clear the form and start over, click on the New Search button.