Translink Version

April 9, 2018

Baseline Version
All enhancements and additions to Translink 2009 Release 2 are based on 2009 Release 1 version 5.525.
1.2.2 Current Version

Current version of Translink 2009 Release 2 is 5.539 and 5.541 for SSL.

1.2.3 System Specifications

Refer to Appendices A-D for Translink System Specifications.

1.3 Document Limitations

The following are assumptions made:

  • This document will address the new features added to Translink in 2009 Release2.
  • This document is not intended to be used as a user manual for Translink functions.
  • This document in not intended to be a complete reference for Translink but rather identifies the new and enhanced features presented in this release.

1.4 Scope

The scope of this document is limited to the updates made for Translink 2009 Release 2.

1.5 Assumptions


1.6 Document Contributors

Information on specific features in this document was contributed by the subject matter experts identified in the table below:

Feature Contributor
Quick Cash Newton Sodhi
Gold Card Prepaid Helda Minas
Hungarian Language Sankara Tanguturi
Global Convenience Stephen Sundel
Software Distribution Laura Bermudez
PCI Stephen Sundel

1.7 Acronyms and Glossary

The following acronyms and glossary terms apply specifically to this document and project.


Acronym Description
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
DMA Domestic Market Area
DST Delivery Service Table
EPL Expected Payout Location
ESD Electronic Software Distribution
FLA Field Location Agent
FX Foreign Exchange
GC Gold Card
MT Money Transfer
PCI Payment Card Industry
POS Point of Sale
QC Quick Cash
QQC Quick Collect
SSE Systems Support Engineer
SSL Secure Socket Layer
TL Translink
UI User Interface
WU Western Union