Terminal Id Pop up

May 12, 2018

A new feature is added to the Translink where the Agents can be allowed to enter their Terminal Id at start up of the
Translink package. To enable this functionality the following conditions should be met:

  1. The Agent Config option “Enable Terminal ID Popup” should be enabled.
  2. The Agent‟s Terminal Id is set to “XXXX” or as “????” in Agent Config.

If both of the above conditions are met, then at start up of Translink package, a box will pop up to enter the Agent‟s Terminal
Id before going to the Sign On screen as shown in the screen below.

Terminal Id Pop up

Figure 21 – Terminal Id Pop up

The Errcode records W8336 – W8344 will be used to display the text message in the pop up box. If the Errcode records are
not found in the Errcode table, then display language strings records 10299 – 10301 from the language table.

On pressing Cancel button or on hitting escape from the keyboard, the application should close the Translink application. On pressing OK button, or selecting Enter on the keyboard, the application will validate if the entered Terminal Id is more than three characters, otherwise the application will give an error message using a language string stating, “Please enter a valid Terminal ID” as shown in figure 22 below.

Terminal Id Error Screen

Figure 22