Setup Consideration

April 22, 2018 Local Configuration

No local configuration is needed. Database Updates GC Prepaid Addition Service Option

A new additional service should be added to the Delivery service table for each country record. Also, a template should be updated to create an additional service screen.
To hide the additional service from recording screen the display bit of the exclusion flag should be turned on to hide the additional service on the recording screen before host asks for it.
See Sec for GC Prepaid Additional Service functionality. Card Present Popup

To enable the card present popup on the recording screen a new category ACCTVAL must be added per account. Host setup / Configuration Prepaid Gold Card Sender Selection

When a customer is enrolled by the Prepaid Gold Card vendor, the vendor sends Western Union a batch enrollment file.
Based on account and program ID information in the file, our Western Union customer account information is modified so that the customer can get the new feature as an additional sender in the sender selection list. This is done by adding the appropriate receiver record to allow selection of the GC Prepaid option in the Sender Selection screen Discount Program

Each Loyalty customer‟s account can be updated to include discount features. Host set up is needed for the quick collect
account that will purchase these discounts and for the value of the resulting discount. For example, the current system using
a quick collect “DISCOUNT CO” account that sets up fifteen 15% discounts on the customer account.
If QQC client with “DISCOUNT CO” is selected erroneously, the host will not stop the transaction and the funds will be