Quick Cash Send

April 13, 2018

Quick Cash send is similar to a regular send with the addition of the following new features:

  1. Sender name and address can be pre populated from aconfig as described in section para #2.
    • As most of the Quick Cash senders are companies, therefore the company‟s name and address can be entered in
      aconfig which will be pre populated on the sender screen for every transaction.
    • The pre populated name and address are protected fields on the recording screen, and cannot be changed.
    • The sender address can be added partially in aconfig , and in that case the rest of the address can be entered during
      the transaction
    • The sender name and address can be blank in aconfig, and can be entered during the transaction.
  2. A new memo field is added on the sender screen to capture some additional information about the transaction as shown
    in figure 2 below.
    The customer use this field for many reasons for example, to enter the last four digits of a passport number of someone
    receiving emergency class ,or the policy number of an insurance claim payment etc.
  3. A new authorized Payment option is added to enter credit card information of the transaction. This option can be enabled
    or disabled in Aconfig as shown in section figure 8. If Auth Payment is enabled, then this option will be under
    Additional Summary tab as shown in Figure 2 below.
  4. There is a special Unisys rule applied to Quick Cash transactions after submit. Unisys change the Quick Cash Sender data based on the Quick Cash client Class type in AS400. For Class type 3 and 28, the sender‟s name and address are replaced by the Quick Cash client name and address in AS400, and for Class 4 and 29, the sender data remain the same.
    Here are the definitions of all four class types:
    3 Domestic w/ “secondary sender”
    4 Domestic single sender
    28 Intl Single Sender
    29 Intl w/ “secondary sender”
Figure 2 Quick Cash Send with Protected Sender fields, Memo Field and Auth Payment Option

Figure 2 Quick Cash Send with Protected Sender fields, Memo Field and Auth Payment Option