Miscellaneous Enhancements and Bug Fixes

May 20, 2018

4.1 Enhancements

The following enhancements are included in TL Release 2, 2009:

  1. Enhanced Translink recording screen to display Promotions button as the first button on the Additional services frame on the recording screen.
  2. Modified the handling of leading spaces on template based screens. Starting with version 5.501, Translink started displaying any leading spaces in front of User Interface controls on template screens. Starting with Release 2, 2009 Translink will trim leading spaces by default; however, this behavior is configurable through a MOM variable (TRUNCATE_TEMPLATESPACE=ON)
  3. Changed Translink recording screen so that any additional services that are not available are hidden instead of being grayedout.
  4. Enhanced Translink setup to launch Translink.exe after installation has been completed, if setup.exe is initiated with a “-RUNTL” parameter.
  5. Added support for FX rate for the transaction to be modified and financial information to be updated based on the delivery service selected.
  6. Enhanced Translink so that Promotion and description are displayed immediately on entering a Promotion code.

4.2 Bug Fixes

The following defects are corrected in TL Release 2:

  1. Fixed the issue with Tax calculations for regional settings that have a decimal separator other than a „.‟, to ensure accurate taxes are displayed.
  2. Fixed the issue where activity report was saved with zero values when the report is run for date range.
  3. Fixed issue with the transaction log where send transactions were stored with local date time even if agent configuration has the host date-time selected
  4. Fixed the issue with Template screens where selection of a drop-down with a quote (‘) causes SQL error. Quote character in drop down no longer causes any errors.
  5. Made a fix to Translink to support Shift+ F4 and Shift + F5 for test printing in Canadian configurations
  6. Enhanced Express service screen so that special characters that such as a comma (,) or percentage (%) can not be input
  7. Made a fix to Debit Cash functionality, to send Gross Amount to host during authorization for debit cash transactions.
    Previously only Principal was being sent
  8. Made a fix to Agent Config to not display error message on selecting Communication tab when accessing Agent Config as a Power user
  9. Reverting the behavior of printing Company Name from Agent Config for non Commercial agents similar to previous versions