Hungarian Language

May 12, 2018

2.3.1 Overview

When configured to use Hungarian, agents will be able to see all the information on Translink screens in the Hungarian
Language. However, FIF information will continue to be in English as operations decided that this information need not be translated to Hungarian.

2.3.2 Functionality

Agents configured for Hungarian can view all the information on Translink except FIF in Hungarian. However, data entry
needs to be in English. Amount in words is also displayed in Hungarian as well as the format for describing the currency.

2.3.3 Setup Consideration

Updating of receipts to Hungarian is done by the agent. Local Configuration

  • In Agent Configuration tool, on Agent tab, specify the Country/Currency for Hungarian as HUF for
  • On Services tab, select Hungarian in the „Pick Language‟ database. Host setup / Configuration

In Pioneer agent account should be pointed to the following containers:

  • Template – TMPHHN,
  • Error Code – ERCHHN
  • Country Code – CT1HHN -LOCAL CURRENCY;  T1HHU – USD

Note: If the agent is already using a different set of containers, a purge will be required to delete the old data.