Introduction to Western Union Translink

February 26, 2018

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Welcome to Western Union® Translink™ . The Western Union® Translink™ application is a Microsoft Windows® based software application designed to transfer money and provide funds across states and nations. You are currently viewing the Help system for the application.

Getting Started

This section helps guide you through the Western Union® Translink™ application.

Words or phases that are underlined indicate hypertext links. These links direct you to related topics within the Help system. To activate a link: Using the mouse, place the cursor over the underlined text. Click the link to activate it. When the link has been used, the hyperlink text changes color.

When selected, certain hypertext links will display pop-up boxes that contain definitions or additional information related to the word or phrase. To get out of the pop-up box, click outside the pop-up box area.

Note: From the Western Union® Translink™ program, use your mouse to click on the Help button or press the F1 key to access the Help system. Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to select a book  Purple Book Closed.  Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to expand or collapse the book.  Expanding the book allows you to view topicsBlue Page.  Press the Enter key to select a topic. Navigate through the Help topic window by using the arrow keys to scroll through the page and the Tab key to navigate through the links.  Select a link by pressing the Enter key.

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Using the Western Union® Translink™ application

This Help system provides instructions for the Western Union® Translink™ application.  The frame on the left side of the screen is called the navigation pane.  Using the tabs in the navigation pane allows you to find the information needed to perform any of the transactions or services listed in the next section.

The Western Union Money Transfer® program performs the following transactions:

Select a transaction name above to view step-by-step instructions for that transaction.