Cash Card/Debit Cash

February 26, 2018


Cash Card/Debit Cash

Note:  Future feature. This functionality is currently not available in this application.

The Western Union ® Cash Card program allows the customer to receive cash, load funds, and perform balance inquiries at participating Western Union agent locations.  The Western Union Cash Card can be used at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) to get cash, and in the checkout line in stores to purchase goods and services.

The following procedures apply to Cash Card and Debit Cash transactions.

To start a transaction

  1. Click on the Cash Card/Debit Cash (F7) button or press the F7 key from the Main Menu.

The swipe card or Cash Card dialog box appears.

  1. Then the transaction screen appears

Click HOME Help window at the top of the Help window to return to the Help System Main menu.