Windows Start Menu

February 26, 2018

Windows Start Menu

To open the Western Union ® Translink ™ application

  1. Select  Windows Start Menu on the computer desktop.
  2. Select All Programs, Western Union, Universal Release, and click Western Union Translink.

Western Union Translink

The Western Union ® Translink ™ sign-on screen appears.

The Western Union ® Translink ™ sign-on screen appears

  1. Type your User ID and password in the appropriate fields and click on the Sign-On (Enter) button or press the Enter key.  The Main Menu appears.

  2. The system has the following restrictions during log in:

    1. The system will block an operator after 3 times of unsuccessful password login.

    2. You’ll need to enter a new password the first time you access the Western Union system.