Windows Interface

February 26, 2018

Windows Interface

Graphical User Interface

Windows, screens, menu bars, toolbars, forms, buttons, text boxes, option buttons, check boxes, drop-down boxes are grouped together into the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI (pronounced “gooey”) is what you see when operating the program.   The GUI gives the visual means to interact with the software application.

A menu displays a list of commands. Some of these commands have images next to them so you can quickly associate the command with the image. Most menus are located on the menu bar, which is the toolbar at the top of the screen. Toolbars can contain buttons, menus, or a combination of both.

Forms are the tabs or pages within the active windows.  Forms tell you what information is needed.  These forms contain text boxes where information can be entered into the computer program.

Shown below is an example from Translink, which is a typical Windows-type user interface.  The following screen appears after successfully logging into the Western Union ® Translink ™ application.

Western Union ® Translink ™ application.

Note:  The F1-F10 are shortcut keys that correspond to a command on a menu.  The F1-F10 keys are located on the top row of the keyboard.  Shortcut keys, such as Ctrl+A, can also correspond to a command on a menu.  The Ctrl keys are located on the bottom row of the keyboard.  Hold down a Ctrl key while pressing the letter key.

agent referal

Application Symbols and Messages

While in the Western Union ® Translink ™ application, the following symbols appear with messages.

messages requesting an answer to a question

Appears with messages requesting an answer to a question.

messages providing information

Appears with messages providing information.

error messages

Appears with error messages.

Within the Western Union ® Translink ™ application, all instructions display in green, bold type.

Error messages appear in a pop-up dialog box.  Click the pop-up box to clear the error message and continue data entry or press the Enter key.

Messages also appear in the status bar located at the bottom of the application window.

See sections entitled, Application Screens, Main Menu; Application Screens, Send Money Menu; and Application Screens, Receive Money Menu.