Cashing a Check

February 26, 2018

Cashing a Check

This is also referred to as check encashment.

To cash a Western Union Money Transfer ® check

  1. Have the consumer fill out the yellow To receive money form.

  2. Check the consumer’s identification.  Ensure they are the payee named on the check and that the ID presented is valid.

  3. Have the payee sign the back of the check on the line – Payee’s Endorsement.

  4. Retain the check and deposit it into your Agent account.

Note:  Do not record additional information on the back of the check. The endorsed check can be deposited into your bank account in lieu of cash.

This service is only available in the United States.

On every payout, you are obligated to pay or secure cash for the consumer as outlined in your Agency Agreement.  Please review the poster “Cash Payments – A Must for Service Quality”  (Form FSI 02) to ensure Western Union consumers receive the quality service they expect.