Acceptable Types of Identification

February 26, 2018

Acceptable Types of Identification

In order to pay out a money transfer, obtain at least one form of primary identification.  

  • Identification must be government issued.

  • Identification must be unexpired.

  • Identification must have a photo of the consumer.

  • Some acceptable forms of identification may include:

    • A driver’s license

    • A state issued I.D. card

    • A passport

    • An Alien ID card with photo

    • Country Issued ID

Note: Please take into consideration that acceptable forms of identification may vary from one country to another. Please check the Country Information (F2 Zoom) for more information on a specific country.

It is ideal that the payee provide at least one form of primary identification and one form of secondary identification. However, a secondary form of identification is not required to process a transaction.   

Some acceptable forms of secondary identification may include:

  • Current credit card

  • Vehicle registration

  • Utility bill with home address

  • Medical Insurance Card

If the payee cannot provide a primary identification, call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-634-1311 for approval to pay.

Note:  All consumers must fill out the yellow form titled ” To receive money.”  Be sure to record the identification type and number in the gray-shaded area of the Receive Money form. For instructions, click Receive Money Transaction.