Agent Guidelines

February 26, 2018

If you meet all of the business requirements, you may be eligible to become a Western Union agent.This Manual outlines Western Union requirements. Agents may choose to implement additional internal
requirements in keeping with the best practices of your business, so long as such requirements are not
inconsistent with those given in this Manual and by the law.

Agents and their employees must comply with Western Union AML
policies and procedures, which may be updated by Western Union from time to time.

Compliance Delegate Responsibilities
Each Agent must designate a person responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Western Union policies, procedures and requirements given in this Manual. This person is referred to as the Compliance Delegate and is usually the manager or is someone assigned by the manager and is responsible for initiating and overseeing adherence to these policies, procedures and requirements.
Policies and Procedures
Policies are general statements of broad intent and direction, whereas procedures are more detailed instructions for day-to-day activities. Western Union may update the policies and procedures from time to time as the result of changes in laws, regulations, business operations, or Western Union policy.
Compliance Delegate must ensure that all employees who handle Western Union transactions are trained on AML and Western Union policies and procedures included in this Manual. The training section has been designed to help you provide the required training to your employees.
This section includes Suspicious Activity Report forms, a training record, the Large Principle Money Transfer (LPMT) form (or the form that is applicable in your country) and the quick reference pages. These forms can be copied by the Agent as needed. If additional copies of these forms are required, they can be obtained by contacting your local Western Union Compliance Department.