Western Union Money Transfer locations in Greece

In Greece Western Union has an ample network of money transfer agents with over 762 locations in 244 settlements of 13 administration and 50 municipality

During the existence of the company Western Union not a single fact of loss of client money. Western Union Money Transfer service lets you send and receive money with your smartphone or tablet. You can even send money internationally. Western Union advantages are its reliability, speed and convenience. To send money directly to a bank account via Western Union, consumers simply need the recipient's full name, the name of the recipient's bank and the recipient's bank account number. You could transfer money abroad for less using a service that charges lower fees.

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This table shows the administration of GR with Western Union Money Transfer branches.
Administration with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of
Central Greece40519
Central Macedonia125738
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace38512
Ionian Islands1847
Northern Aegean1335
Southern Aegean817
Western Greece27314
Western Macedonia1649