Western Union Money Transfer locations in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh Western Union has an ample network of money transfer agents with over 18 locations in 12 settlements of 4 division and 10 district

Western Union believes in transparency, and offers its customers regular updates through company announcement and news, which include investor and finance information. Western Union uses the latest electronic technology in its unique international computer network for immediate money payment in more than 179 countries. Only licensed Banks appointed as agents by Western Union operators are authorized to act as collection points. When accessing the services of the company must be remembered that the Western Union money transfers can not be used for commercial purposes. Payees enter their preferred currency and payment method-ACH/direct deposit, global-ACH/international local bank transfer, paper check, wire transfer, PayPal, prepaid debit card or cash via Western Union.

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This table shows the division of BD with Western Union Money Transfer branches.
Division with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of