Western Union Money Transfer locations in Australia

In Australia Western Union has an ample network of money transfer agents with over 505 locations in 306 settlements of 4 state and 5 shire

Western Union is market leader, despite criticism! In the U.S., Western Union or MoneyGram services are available in many pharmacies and supermarkets as well as small local businesses. Western Union helps make it happen with its mobile money transfer service. At Western Union, our goal is to make our customers' lives a little better and meet their needs with a variety of products and services. It's just one thing that has made us an industry leader in global money transfer. Western Union is known to be the leading service for international money transfer where there is need to transfer money overseas in cash or without involvement of a bank. Western Union agents may be found wherever you need them: - at banks, postal offices, pharmacies, stores, airports, train stations and other locations.

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This table shows the state of AU with Western Union Money Transfer branches.
State with Western Union
Money Transfer branches
Number of
New South Wales3352214
South Australia23123